Welcome to Odyssey Initiative

The Odyssey Initiative is an organization that aims to improve education in the United States by touring schools and documenting best practices. The organization consists of three teachers who travel across the country to observe and learn from schools of every kind, including district, private, and charter schools. The goal is to design and open a model 21st century public school that incorporates the best practices from the schools they visit. The official website of the Odyssey Initiative is odysseyinitiative.org, but it appears to be inaccessible at the moment.

In addition to the Odyssey Initiative, there is also the Odyssey Preparatory Academy, which is a family of schools that provides a safe and secure environment for children to discover and learn. The academy focuses on improving the underlying cognitive skills associated with reading struggles and delivers personalized intensive practice to help students succeed. The Arizona Department of Education recognizes the Odyssey Preparatory Academy as a uniquely designed program.